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Dierma Photo and Video

Wedding And Quinceañera Photography & Video Services

Whether it’s your wedding day or a simple photo shoot, we use state of the art equipment to make sure we deliver a crisp and professional piece of art every time. Always original, we strive to deliver among the best service and quality in professional photography services in Houston Texas.

It’s all about painting the bigger picture of what happened on your special day and we like to capture every moment of it to ensure you’ll remember it for a lifetime. From the most important moments in a first dance, to the rose pedals on a centerpiece; every detail matters. After all, it is a part of what made your day so special and also what sets our photography and videography services apart from the rest in Houston.


Among Houston’s Best Photography & Video Services

Why Choose Us?

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Sample of our photography. Click here to view more.

We're Innovative

We’re always utilizing new methods and tactics to bring you a better experience. From sliders, image stabilizers, and more. Our work ethic,dedication, and passion for photo and video is what you will get and something we don’t mention in any of our packages. It is exactly this what makes us one of the best in the business be it for wedding photography, quinceañera photo and video, or any other professional photo and video service.


Aside from the breath taking photos we take and flawless video that we shoot, we pride ourselves on our professionalism. We are extremely detailed and meticulous with every client and do everything in our power to ensure every piece of work we do is a true piece of art. A great deal of preparation and post shooting that many clients don’t get to see; from packing extra batteries, ensuring and inspecting that all of our equipment is up to par, and even backing up all of our work several times to ensure there is never a mishap of files gone mysteriously missing.

Photography and video is a puzzle piece with many moving parts that all have to be working in unison if it’s going to be done right, and we believe we have accomplished just that. Let us give you that peace of mind and help you conserve those valuable memories in a very special way.

We're Unique

We do our very best to leave a positive mark on each one of our clients. We are very well aware that this is a piece that they will have to remember their event for the rest of their lives so we like to make it as special and original as possible. No two events are ever the same. We are always implementing new methods and thinking up new ways to make our next piece of work better than the last. We love to have fun with what we do but we also take photo and video very serious. We’re not just your point and shoot wedding photographer or your stand one spot all night videographer. We get involved. It is for this reason alone that we are one of the best choices for professional wedding photography and photo and video services in the Houston TX area.

We're Flexible

Unlike many photographers and photography companies in Houston, we will not boss you around and force you to squeeze your sessions into our schedule. We understand that you could be busy and tied up with work, school, family, and still have to make time for that spinning class. Not to worry. We are flexible. We are always just a call or text away for your convenience. We work our hours around yours so that you can have the absolute best photo and video service experience.

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Sample of our photography. Click here to view more.

Wether you are looking for the best Wedding photographer, someone to capture all the moments at your daughters Quinceañera, or need a corporate event promo reel; we can handle it. Allow us to contact you and give you the peace of mind that you’re dealing with professionals.