Professional Photo & Video

No matter the type of event, our photo and video services are sure to fulfill your every need. We have many packages and add ons to suit every client. Weddings and Quinceañeras are our specialty but we have the skills and know how to cater to any and all clientele.

Flexibility & Options

As mentioned, our photography and video packages are designed to fit the needs of most Weddings & Quinceañeras. However we are flexible and can customize a package for you if need be. We also have several options and add ons we can discuss with you such as a custom video clip, slideshows, additional frames, additional digital photo-books, etc.

Clean & Professional

We take pride in the work we turn in. Therefore we work hard to ensure we turn in the very best product to you. Keep in mind that this may be a once in a lifetime event. We’re sure you would like it to be documented in a special a memorable way. This is why it can be very easy to book the wrong photographer or photo and video services company.


Professional Photography

When looking for a professional photographer, it is important to understand what it is that a good photographer does. It is more than a simple point and shoot. Anybody can do that. Literally. A good photographer focuses on composition, different angles, colors, and  lighting to name a few. And if we dig deeper we can start talking about the photographer’s camera settings; ISO, shutter speed, manual focus, and more. Dierma Photo and Video take exactly this into account. Perfectly balancing all of these elements to get the “money shot” every single time.



Similar to photography you have videography which could be a lot less forgiving. Sure anybody can stand in front of a camera and press record. But transforming that into a moving peace of art that pops from the screen is a different story. Combining all the same elements from photography like ISO, composition, etc. while objects are in motion is not an easy task to handle. You have one shot and only one to make it perfect. And oh yes, all while remembering to maintain a steady hand. Your once in a life time event is exactly that, once in a lifetime. While they are always appreciated and fun to look at, don’t trust the memory of your event to an amateur home video. Give us call and allow us to make it memorable.