About Dierma


Dierma is dedicated to providing only the best photo and video services in Houston. We trust only the top of the line technology and have a full understanding of photography and cinematography theory. We use all this and much more to bring our clients only the best quality work and present them with a true work of art. Our company was founded in 2013 by Joey and Jessie Diaz. Since its launch, Dierma has accomplished a lot in the time it has been in business. From being given to privilege to photograph some of the best concerts in Houston to servicing well respected corporate entities . All this is only the tip of the iceberg for what’s to come in Dierma’s future photo and video projects.

We proudly serve all of Houston, TX and its surrounding areas such as Pearland, Baytown, The Woodlands, Humble, and Conroe just to name a few. Exceptional customer service and keen attention to detail is what makes us one of the best photography and video services in Houston and we wouldn’t change it for anything.

Our Name

We get a lot of people with questions about our name. Some think it’s french or another foreign language. Others think it could be an acronym. Close. The name “Dierma” is a completely made up word. If you were to look up the word Dierma in a English dictionary you would not be able to find. You probably wouldn’t find it in any other dictionary either. To any dictionary the word “Dierma” might mean nothing but to us it is the very foundation for who we are and why we began the company in the first place. Dierma is a derivative from the phrase “Diaz Hermanos” which is spanish for “Diaz Brothers”. In our company name we pay homage to our family name because it is exactly the way we want our clients to feel when we attend them. Like family. We provide this family like comfort and ease of communication so enhance our clients’ experience. We dropped a few letters from each word, brought them together, and presto, Dierma Photo and Video was born.


Our Vision

Our vision is to become a leading photography and video company not only in Houston, TX but in all of Texas and one day the United States. To become an elite brand and recognized by our works internationally.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide only the best quality in photography and video services from weddings to corporate events. To educate our clients on the basics of photography and cinematography and give them a deeper understanding of what it takes to provide quality work. In doing this they will be able to distinguish exceptional photo and video services from those that provide the contrary.